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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

date night

Top: Old Navy, Pants: TJ Maxx, Coat: GAP, Boots: Coach, Purse: Coach
The prefect way to start a work week...having Monday off! This Monday was exceptionally special, MLK Jr. Day and the President's Inauguration.  Today was filled with running around the city doing errands and having lunch with Matt.  While having lunch we decided to have another movie night.  I think it's starting to become a tradition.  Two weeks in a row can count as a tradition...right? We saw Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained.  It was a well produced movie, a little too much violence for this girl.  The next movie we watch will feature unicorns and teddy bears!

This outfit is one of my favorite.  It's casual and perfect for walking around the city and going to the movies.  Denim will continue to play a huge role in my wardrobe.  I think a denim shirt looks great with everything.

The jacket is a huge hit in San Francisco.  It's a light jacket that keeps me warm when it's windy in the city.  Although these boots have been underutilized, I'm always looking for an excuse to wear them in the city.

Enjoy the post! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

kate spade giveaway

Kate Spade New York Live Colorfully Idiom Bangle

This week I'm doing my first giveaway on my blog! Many more to come, so keep your eyes peeled!!! Today's giveaway is a beautiful Kate Spade Bangle. This is a perfect for the summer and another great designer piece for your collection. 

Comment on my blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to be entered in a chance to win this beautiful bangle. The giveaway will go on till Thursday, January 24 at 8pm PST.

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Facebook link:http://www.facebook.com/thecorporatecatwalk

Friday, January 18, 2013

colorful day in the office

Dress: Banana Republic, Jacket: The Limited, Tights: Target, Shoes: Nine West, Belt: Banana Republic, Bag: Marc Jacobs

*Shoe Change* This makes this outfit go from work wear to happy hour appropriate
Great happy hour outfit to meet the friends out in the city.  Change shoes and pick up a clutch!

This outfit was inspired by my wonderful mom! She's been my fashion inspiration for 29 years. She bought me these tights for Christmas and I've been waiting for the perfect outfit.  After searching through my closet, I stumbled upon one of my favorite black dresses.  It's from Banana Republic and it's perfect for the office. This dress goes great with any sports jacket.  Typically I roll up my sleeves on my jackets, it seems to balance out my body type.

The Zara shoes were paired with the outfit for a more relaxed look.  It doesn't look as professional and it's perfect to wear out with the girls.  When I go out for happy hour, I like to go home and do a quick shoe or purse change.  It's nice to refresh your makeup and freshen up your outfit.  I'm always looking for a reason to wear my spiky shoes.  The colorful tights were a perfect match!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

the perfect office heel

Nine West Desired Heels, black leather, nude leather and black suede
Nude heels always look great with skirts, make your legs look longer
Black suede heels look great with dark color during the winter season
The Nine West Desired pumps are my absolute favorite office heel.  The heel is thick enough to carry you through an entire day and happy hour with the girls! The black heels are 4 inch heels, so they really give me height, but also stability when I'm walking around the office.  They have an almond shaped toe and a slight diagonal heel, which gives it a little versatility from your ordinary black heel.

It's been 6 months since I first discovered these heels at TJ Maxx and I've been trying to keep up on every color.  My next purchase is the nude suede, which will be a perfect transition into spring.  These heels run a little big, I'd recommend getting a 1/2 size smaller.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

red & blue

Top: The Limited, Skirt: J. Crew, Blazer: Zara, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Handbag: Coach:

Last week after work we had a belated "holiday party" after work.  Always a nice time to get together with colleagues, everyone is a little less stressed and more people show up to the events.  Pre holiday party at the office, several people were given sales awards, myself included, and then we headed off to a nice resturant to enjoy drinks and appitizers.

I wanted to make sure to include holiday colors.  Since we're right on the cusp time when you can't wear "holiday" type outfits, I thought it was appropriate to wear my favorite holiday red and mix in a oxford shirt and blazer.  This outfit is very simple and perfect for a corporate event.  I like to roll up my sleeve (literally) when I wear these types of shirts.  It gives you a more casual look to a pencil shirt.  My motto with these types of shirts at work are....No meetings today, time to roll up the sleeves! Meetings today, put your sleeves down, blazer on and don't forget your business cards! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

sunday stroll


This weekend we spent our time strolling around San Francisco.  We made our way to one of the best oyster bars in the city.  It's called Swan Oyster Depot.  If you ever make your way to SF, make sure you stop by and have a dozen oysters. The place makes you feel like you're in an old school Italian Deli.

The weather in the city was perfect for the first of the year.  It was slightly chilly, so I was a great time to wear tights, low cut boots and a cute dress.  This jacket was found on online.  It's similar to the coat at Zara, great steal online!

Xoxo, Olivia

Friday, January 4, 2013

california lovin

a few blocks from the beach

Class denim top from gap.  Essential to any wardrobe.

Zara heels

Top: Gap, Skirt: Bar III, Heels: Zara, Glasses: DKNY, Necklace: Lia Sophia (from mom)

This is the last morning on vacation before I start a new chapter our lives.  This will probably be our last visit to this little piece of paradise, for a while. We're heading East in the next month, so we're taking one last visit to all of our favorite destinations in Cali. So, if you need me, you'll be able to find me in Napa :)

This outfit was inspired by a 7am wake up call, while having a little flu.  One of the best ways to pack.  Pack a few of your staple pieces and then pick a few of your favorite that you fell like you can't "live without". I tend to surprise myself with the outfits I put together.  Worse case scenario, if you don't like anything you packed...you go on a mini shopping spree. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

beach bums

My favorite boots: Chinese Laundry from Marshalls for $24. They go on every trip.

Watching the sun set on the mountains. 

Posing for the camera.  Please look to the left and observe the true beach bum.  Just relaxing :)
Santa Barbara marina

The first evening of the New Year we decided to spend time on the beach.  We had a few glasses of champagne (and beer) and listened to old school music.  The playlist was epic this particular evening; a mix of 311, Nelly and Biggie.

It gets chilly at night, so I threw on my new knit sweater and it was the perfect outfit for the beach.  And yes, this sweater is as comfy as it looks! It's a steal from Forever 21 for $20.

2013 New Year

favorite villa in Santa Rosa


top: jcrew, coat: zara, skirt: tj maxx, bag: LV, sunglasses: chanel
pearl necklace: lia sophia (gift from mom), spike necklace: tj maxx
is that the beach I see?
beach time!

NYE we decided to take a trip to Santa Barbara. Our second favorite spot in California...next to Napa.  We always stay at a small villa a block away from the beach.  If you ever want to stay in a great place, I'd recommend Villa Rosa.  This was the day after New Years.  We wanted to spend some time walking around downtown and hopefully find a few wineries open.  To our surprise, all the stores were open, but the wineries were closed for the holiday.  Nonetheless, we had a great time shopping downtown Santa Barbara.  I stumbled upon one of the largest jewelry stores I've ever seen in my life! Wall-to-Wall was covered with jewelry. Necklaces, rings, earrings...you name it, they had it! I purchased Eiffel Towel earrings and a handcuff necklace. Both were 50% off, so that was the deal of the day!