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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Coral Dress & Over the Knee Boots

Good morning! I've been looking forward to share this outfit for a few weeks. When in San Francisco, I took a few outfit photos with Lydia, who also happen to be in SF at the same time. Since I first bought this dress in December, I've been wearing this dress...a lot! It' so comfortable and looks great with these suede over the knee boots (in cold weather I stay warm by wearing tights). The outfit is practical and colorful for almost any occasion. Thus far, I've worn this dress on Christmas day, up to Napa, adventuring out to DUMBO, NY and running errands on the weekend. 

 Dress :: Rachel Roy (similar here & here)
Boots :: Zara (love these & similar here)
Clutch :: Banana Republic (similar here & here)
Necklace :: J. Crew

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Five Ways to be More Confident in the Workplace

Most of my followers have heard my profile a few times. So here it goes again. I'm a young woman, who stands 5'1 and works at a male dominated company within a very male dominated industry.  There is no room for weakness at my company and I think that's true for most corporate jobs. When I first started working in Corporate America I was so scared yet excited, but I knew I needed to work on a few personality traits. Confidence being #1. For most people, with experience comes confidence.  However, how you carry yourself on a daily basis also exemplifies confidence. Here are five easy ways to be more confidence in the workplace. 

1. Ask opened ended questions - Don't paint yourself into a corner. Ask opened ended question to get more info and figure out how to respond. If you're asking for advice from a mentor, re-frame your questions from "Do I have potential to be a manager?" to "What other skill sets do I need to have to be a manager at this company?" Do you see the difference in your confidence and tone when asking these questions? 

2. Don't always apologize - How often are we sorry when we say something?  I'm going to go out on a limb and say 35%. I hear people apologize for everything, especially women. Today while you're at work, keep a tally on how many times you or a colleague apologizes for things that don't warrant an apology. Also, write down why they're apologizing.  It's usually for something silly.

3. Less is more - When my friends ask me to proofread emails, thank you letters or texts there's a reoccurring theme...over explaining. When you over explain or go into too much details, you lose your reader's attention and confidence. It's a slippery slope. Honestly, the less people know the better. For example, when you ask for a few days off work simply put, "I'm requesting next Monday and Tuesday off work. Thank you." If they ask where you're going, tell them, however it's not necessary to go into details like this, "I'm flying to Vegas to meet my besties for a bachelorette party and I'll be gone Monday and Tuesday". TMI. 

4. Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness - This is the best piece of advice I got from my mentors. When you ask for permission, 9/10 times the answer is always "no" or you wouldn't be asking. When I'm scheduling a meeting and I need to change locations, I don't ask for everyone's permission to change the location. You're leaving too much room for opposition. Just do it! Ask for forgiveness later. "Hope you guys don't mind, but we needed to changed the location of the meeting. Nothing else has changed other than the location." That's a take charge kind of person. Someone who rolls with the punches. People in higher positions want to work with someone who is tactful and agile. It's a strength, not a weakness. 

6. Take out the emotions - Always state the facts when you speak and write. Not only will you consolidate some of your thoughts, but you'll always present a compelling reason for anyone to listen to you. When I entered the corporate world, I noticed that those in Director and VP roles always spoke with confidence and ALWAYS stated the facts. No emotions.  Again, friends will ask me to look over emails and there are so many emotions involved in the communication. "I feel like it would be best to meet at 2pm, I think this will work better for everyone's schedule", but in reality what you're trying to say is, "The best time to meet is at 2pm because this will give everyone enough time to prepare for the presentation."

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How to Wear a Crop Top & High Waisted Skirt to Work

Good evening everyone! I’m so excited to finally post today’s outfit. Better late than never…

This weekend I flew back home to spend time with my family. When I’m home I try and spend at much time as possible with my family and best friend. Every laugh and smile is so precious to me when I’m home, so I typically take a “timeout” from work and my blog to enjoy everyday life with my family. That’s one of the things I miss most about living at home, the day-to-day living  with the ones you love the most.  This morning I took my niece to school and later in the afternoon I ate lunch with her, moments like this are something I’ll always cherish. We also managed to take a few selfies in the cafeteria.  

Today's outfit has been one of my favorite to the office. This crop top from H&M has got a lot of wear the last three weeks. I'm finding so many unexpected ways to incorporate it in my daily wardrobe. 

Top :: H&M
Skirt :: Zara 
Bag :: Fendi 
Shoes :: Valentino 

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens 

Friday, February 21, 2014

This Week in the Fashion and Business World Vol. 5

1. Watch this video of real women being PHOTOSHOPPED and their reaction. Like these women, this is something I've always wanted to experience; the hair, makeup, photos, editing, etc. But this video makes me wonder how I'd feel after seeing myself changed into a "perfect" version of myself. 

2. Most of you have probably heard, Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 Billion. What's so great about this acquisition is that the CEO went from FOOD STAMPS TO BILLIONAIRE. "If there's a will, there's a way!"

3. Read this article. It explains why it's so important to HELP OTHER WOMEN in today's business world. This is one subject I'm very passionate about. Throughout my career I've seen women stand in the way of another woman's career. Ladies, be nice to each other. 

4. The FASHION AND TECH world collide. Drones as the Fendi Milan fashion show.

5. SuitSupply released this ad campaign for their upcoming MEN'S SUIT collection. Some call it sexist, others call it vulgar.  I call it...stirring the pot. This company knew this would create controversy, thus driving millions to their website. 

6. Here are a few helpful lessons from the $800 MILLION girl scout cooking selling empire. 

7. Here are five reasons a CAREER in eCommerce is hot right now. 

8. I'm always fascinated by the list of the richest people in the world. This year, Forbes 2013 Billionaire list goes to 1,426 names with an aggregate net worth of $5.4 TRILLION. Wowzer!!! 

9. Big kudos to GAP for being the first retailer to higher minimum wage. Way to set an example for the rest of the industry!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two Essential Pieces to Your Work Wardrobe

More photos of outfit 1|2|3 (after work outfit)

 More photos of outfit 1|2|3

A few years ago I discovered the J. Crew #2 pencil skirt (ON SALE!) and the Express portofino blouse and it's changed the way I dress to the office. It's really helped me find my style and add everyday comfort and style to my wardrobe. Both pieces are essential to my every day work outfit. I did a short video below to explaining why I LOVE these pieces in my wardrobe. Enjoy! 

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Photos by Matt Logie and Lydia Hudges