Spring Outfit | Blue Stripes + Bucket Bag


Express Top | Zara Skirt | Zara Necklace | Zara Heels | Vince Camuto Bag

Good morning! Easter weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. It's always signified spending time with my family and enjoying the beautiful flowers and fresh spring air. This weekend we're going to spending time in NYC. Tonight I'm being confirmed and tomorrow is Easter. We'll enjoy an early Mass and then head off to a new restaurant for brunch. Later in the day we're going to meet up with my gal pal, Hitha, and her husband. The four of us are going  to visit the Natural History Museum. Looking forward to checking off another New York museum off my list!

I'd also like to share a recent video I uploaded to YouTube. I'm sharing how to wear a bright color skirt to work. Check out the link here. My next project is to start working on more videos. I'll be uploading more videos in the new few weeks, so be sure to subscribe. My channel is youtube.com/corporatecatwalk

***you know me, I love wearing one piece several ways, check out how I wore this midi skirt two different ways here and here

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

My Favorite Work Pieces on Sale!


Favorites on Sale

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This morning when I woke up my email was flooded with amazing sales at some of my favorite stores; Banana Republic, J. Crew, Express and Ann Taylor!  This is the perfect time to grab a few staple pieces for your wardrobe especially since most things are 40% off!After work I'm heading to J. Crew to check out the sale. Happy shopping! 

What to Wear the First Day of Work


Zara Pants | The Limited Top | Fendi Bag 

 Have you ever started a new job and wonder what to wear? I have! I set three different alarms, have someone call me, just in case I oversleep, have all my paperwork ready in my purse and spend the night before trying on my whole closet, trying to figure out to wear. The first day of work can be stressful and nerve-racking. You want to make a good impression, look professional and be comfortable...which are all possible. Here are a few tips to take the stress out of finding the "perfect" outfit for your first day of work.

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Black and white is a safe outfit. Not extremely original, but it's safe and you'll be comfortable. After the first day you'll have a better idea on what everyone wears to the office. Does everyone wear suits? Do they wear jeans on Fridays? Are sweaters acceptable? These types of questions you'll be able to figure out in the first day or so at work.

2. Find another woman in the office and talk to her about what's appropriate and what's not appropriate to wear at the office. Make sure she has similar style. You'll get a better understand for yourself, plus you'll make a new friend. Who doesn't like to talk about "what to wear"?

3. Wear comfortable shoes! You never know what they'll have you do the first day of work. Shadow someone, which requires you to stand up most of the day. Fill out paperwork, copy and scan all your documents, print out a lot of document...you might be running back and forth from the printer.

4. Take a blazer with you to work. You don't necessarily have to wear a suit the first day or work. If you think you're too underdressed, you can put on your blazer and you're ready to do business. However, during your interview you'll be able to assess if it's appropriate to wear a suit the first day at the office.

There are so many different outfits you could wear to your first day at work, here's a simple outfit, not the only outfit. However, it's simple with the black and white. The blouse adds fun details to the overall outfit and the red lips keeps you looking fresh and professional.