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Friday, October 26, 2012

Boots of the Season!

Ladies, that special time of the year has come when we dust off our favorite boots and strut around with the most stylist outfits! I'm convinced that I'll wear more boots this season than any other season.  The best part out this year...we have ANKLE boots! Either way you go, tall boots or ankle boots.  Make a good investment in a black, tan and suede book this season.  Get rid of your 5 year old boots that "you just can't part with" and shock your girlfriends with the trendiest boots of the season. 

The Givenchy boot is simply divine! If you have the cast to splurge on this boot...I'd highly recommend! If you're like me, you'll still with the more affordable option.  Check them out and enjoy!


Givenchy Fold Over Knee Boots These Givenchy boots might be the shoe of the season

Givenchy Boot (buy here)

Collection Ainsley high-heel boots

J Crew (buy here)

Ad image

Steve Madden Pizzze (buy here)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pink Leopords

The last few years I've fallen more and more in love with pink.  The color is such a staple for today's fashion.  Two years ago I purchased a pink J. Crew skirt and then returned it.  I thought it was too "girly" and I'd never be able to pair it with anything.  ....Oh how I was wrong! When I woke up this morning I originally wanted to wear it with a light blue oxford, but I remember it was at the cleaners.  I sifted through my closet and found my favorite leopord shirt purchased from forever 21.  Such a great staple piece in my closet.  Can never go wrong with a little animal print.

Quit to my surprise, I received several compliments from people in the office.  Mostly fashionable guys.  However, the best compliment was from my beautician! She just adored the outfit.  It made me realize that seeing me in my every day clothing (instead of my Sunday morning workout apparel) would give her better perspective who I am and she'd be able to style my hair accordingly.

Enjoy the pictures! It was a beautiful Wednesday morning in the Bay Area.

Shirt- Forever 21 $20
Skirt -Gap $35
Shoes - Rachel Roy $100
Bag - Aldo $50
Ring- TJ Maxx $25

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shopping with a Vengeance

This weekend I went home to visit my family in Kansas City.  When I'm home I think I do more shopping per minute than another time I travel.  I always know where to get good buys and I also consult my mom and sister-in-law for second opinions.  So that always pushes me over the edge.

On this trip home, I felt like I got some great pieces for the fall.  I've learned a value lesson shopping when I'm home...always pack your suitcase half full.  There has been plenty of times I have to pack one of my mom's extra suitcases to make it back to SF. 

1. Michael Kors Leather Jacket - TJ Maxx - $160
2. DKNY tortoise sunglasses - Macy's - $65 (with coupon)
3. Zara boots - eBay - $70 (with shipping)
4. Nine West Desired Leather Heels- eBay - $54 (free shipping)
5. Gap Pink Pencil Skirt - Gap - $36 (with coupon)
6. Topshop Peplum Top - Norstrom - $39
7. Bar III Dress - Macy's - $62 (with coupon)
8.  Nine West Desired Suede Heels - eBay - $54 (free shipping)

Michael Kors Leather Jacket

DKNY tortoise sunglasses

Zara Boots

Nine West Desired Leather Heels

Gap Pink Pencil Skirt

Norstrom Topshop Peplum Top

Bar III Dress, Sleeveless Scoop-Neck Printed Ruffle Mini

Nine West Desired Suede Heels

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blue Grass Love

This weekend in SF was a full of festivities.  I've been looking for the perfect opportunity to wear my DIY Mexican skirt and this weekend presented the perfect opportunity.  My recent love for denim shirts gave me the idea to put these two great pieces together. 

This weekend we attended the Blue Grass Festivals in Golden Gate Park! The three-day festival brought over 250,000 people to the park!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Corporate Catwalk: Lace on a Saturday Morning

Corporate Catwalk: Lace on a Saturday Morning: San Francisco is known for being foggy and cold, but you'd be surprised how many beautiful weekends we've had in the city.  Especially in Se...

Lace on a Saturday Morning

San Francisco is known for being foggy and cold, but you'd be surprised how many beautiful weekends we've had in the city.  Especially in September and October.  It's our "summer".  These lace shorts were my favorite pair this summer.  I found myself matching this nude color with everything! Lace makes everything look a little more formal and classy.  The blue top is from The Limited.  It's very comfortable.  This will often be worn with a classic pensil skirt.

Enjoy the pictures and hope you have a fashionable weekend ahead of you!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sticky Buns in Chinatown

The best part of living in a big city is that you always feel like a tourist.  I spend most of my time in a few areas in San Francisco, but this weekend I ventured to one of my favorite places, Chinatown.  After living here for a few years and several yelp reviews, I've discovered that the best of the best live in Chinatown! ...my dry cleaners, seamstress, shoe repair and dim sum! This weekend I discovered 68 cent sticky pork buns! Life is good.

This weekend I took it casual and wore my favorite denim shirt and red jeans. The sperrys also joined the excitement with all the walking involved in my weekend tour.  Just hired my  photographer, I think I can negotiate his salary with dim sum...I'll let you know how it goes.

Shirt: Gap, Pants: Forever 21, Bag: Coach, Glasses: Chanel, Shoes: Sperrys
Chinatown graffiti

Buns and Buns and Buns! 

Polk Street Festival


Sangaria at Lalola's with my photographer!