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Friday, December 21, 2012

diy lace top


Top- olivia jeanette, Skirt- J.Crew, Shoes- Nine West, Bag- Michael Kors,

The material of this top may look familiar.  This beautiful material was found at a fabric store and I used an old pattern and created this top.  It's not visible in the picture, but a small front pocket is on the top.  It puts a casual twist to the top, so it can be worn with skinny jeans or my traditional pencil skirt.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

birthday clashing

Top: J. Crew, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Coach, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Stella & Dot (from my lovely mom)

The best thing about style is that you make it work.  This is a classic example. I decided to wear it on my birthday last week. Thought it would be symbolic for the special day. This outfit has some of my favorite pieces and really defines my style. 

Let me count the ways...

Polka dots have always been a key element in my wardrobe. A polka dot top can be worn with any jeans, dress pants, or shorts.  But remember, polka dots are "fun" and thus you have to be mindful when to wear them to the office and/ore important business meeting.

Then moving on to plaid. OH my love for plaid!!! Especially holiday plaid. The way the green, red and black cross.  It makes such a beautiful pattern. I think plaid is an essential part of menswear, especially 30-40 years ago and it's making a comeback!

Next, we have a bold color, which is called ultraviolet from Coach. This purse attracts more attention (in a good way) than any other purse in my collection.  The color is very appealing to the eye and goes great against black.

Last, the classic black heel.  These shoes are suede "like".  The best thing about suede shoes is that they are able to soften outfits. Instead of a pointed leather heel, which gives your outfit an edgy feeling.  The suede rounded toe puts a girly touch to the outfit.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Parisian in San Francisco



Sweater- J.Crew, Collar Shirt- Banana Republic, Pants - H&M (last season), Shoes- boutique9, Clutch- Found in a boutique in NY, Gloves- Banana Republic, Necklace- gift from bestie

Last year I took my first trip to Paris.  I fell in love the second I walked off the plan and saw the beautiful French stewardess with scarfs around their neck. As I spent the next few days enjoying  wine and baguettes in the streets of Paris.  The fashion is the best in the world.  The Prada bags, beautiful leather boots and berets.  Since my trip, I keep their sense of fashion at the center of my fashion heart & soul. This shirt says it all.  The beautiful French woman, with matching hat and coat and colorful accessories. I tried to replicate the colors.  Looking forward to a very colorful winter and spring! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Schoolgirl Blazer

This morning we took a trip to our old stomping ground on Filmore Street in San Francisco. Filmore Street is full of cute boutiques, cards shops and wonderful restaurants. 

The past week I purchased a wool blazer with elbow patches.  I love vintage style and menswear, so a wool blazer with elbow patches is perfect for my wardrobe! This outfit was casual for a Saturday morning stroll, but I'd love to pair the blazer with velvet pants or black leather skinnies.  So many things you can do with a perfectly fitted blazer.  I'm a fan of blazer, but the best advice I can give...make sure it fits you PERFECTLY! It's worth the money to purchase a designer or to take it to your favorite seamstress.  Let me know what you think! Hopefully more velvet in the near future.

Blazer- Zara, Jeans- GAP, Boots- Banana Republic, Bag- Louis Vuitton, Watch- Michael Kors, Necklace- Lia Sophia, Glasses- Chanel, Ring- Charlotte Russe

I think my photographer is excited the photo shoot is over ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ankle Boot Lover!

This weekend I traveled home to visit my family in Kansas City, Missouri. Every time I travel home, I find myself shopping and shopping and shopping.  I'm not sure if it because I'm "traveling" or I find the best deals. I think it's a little bit of both.

The last time I was in Kansas City, I found a great pair of nude suede ankle boots.  Thinking luck might strike twice, I went out to find more boots! The ankle boots are great for girls who are 5'3 and below.  It still gives us the height when we want to look casual with boots and we don't have to cover up half of our leg to wear them! This winter I'll be wearing more ankle boots.  You'll notice that 90% of women wear high boots because they are easy to slip on with any pair of skinny jeans. On the other hand, how great do leather ankle boots look with skinnies?!? Adorable!Try them out the next time you're making a boot purchase.  Make sure you wear your skinny jeans.  I think you'll be surprised!

Here are the newest members to my shoe collection.  I found some great buys!





Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Lace Accents

Do you ever have beloved clothing in your closet that you bought and thought "if I lose a few lbs, I could totally fit into this!"? Well, I have a few of those items.  As I get older, I think I'm finally starting to learn...what fits me in the dressing room, will probably fit me when I get out of the dressing room. 

This dress I bought a few years ago.  It's a Banana Republic wool dress, sleeveless with a high neckline.  After several attempts trying to fit into a 00 (what was I thinking). I finally decided to reconstruct my dress and make it a masterpiece! I found this beautiful lace fabric with a silver background.  The tuxedo pants are one of the biggest trends in fashion, thought it would be fun to apply the same concept to this dress.

So when you think you want to throw your favorite dress out, take it to a seamtress and have her alter it to your liking.  Or take out your sewing kit and spice things up!


After picture

Lace on the side and small pleats in the back

Love the added pleats in the back.


Take scissors right up the sides!

Beautiful fabric from Joanns

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Napa in November

In the Bay Area we've been blessed with amazing weather in October and November.  Where else to spend a beautiful Saturday besides....Napa Valley.  This is one of my favorite places in California.  Everyone is always in a good mood and I always come home with a case full of vino!

Typically I wear a color dress when we take a trip up to Napa. Today I decided to dress down and wear my favorite boots and peplum top. I'm a fan of black and white.  I mixed a few patterns with a splash of color.

Enjoy the pics!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Boots of the Season!

Ladies, that special time of the year has come when we dust off our favorite boots and strut around with the most stylist outfits! I'm convinced that I'll wear more boots this season than any other season.  The best part out this year...we have ANKLE boots! Either way you go, tall boots or ankle boots.  Make a good investment in a black, tan and suede book this season.  Get rid of your 5 year old boots that "you just can't part with" and shock your girlfriends with the trendiest boots of the season. 

The Givenchy boot is simply divine! If you have the cast to splurge on this boot...I'd highly recommend! If you're like me, you'll still with the more affordable option.  Check them out and enjoy!


Givenchy Fold Over Knee Boots These Givenchy boots might be the shoe of the season

Givenchy Boot (buy here)

Collection Ainsley high-heel boots

J Crew (buy here)

Ad image

Steve Madden Pizzze (buy here)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pink Leopords

The last few years I've fallen more and more in love with pink.  The color is such a staple for today's fashion.  Two years ago I purchased a pink J. Crew skirt and then returned it.  I thought it was too "girly" and I'd never be able to pair it with anything.  ....Oh how I was wrong! When I woke up this morning I originally wanted to wear it with a light blue oxford, but I remember it was at the cleaners.  I sifted through my closet and found my favorite leopord shirt purchased from forever 21.  Such a great staple piece in my closet.  Can never go wrong with a little animal print.

Quit to my surprise, I received several compliments from people in the office.  Mostly fashionable guys.  However, the best compliment was from my beautician! She just adored the outfit.  It made me realize that seeing me in my every day clothing (instead of my Sunday morning workout apparel) would give her better perspective who I am and she'd be able to style my hair accordingly.

Enjoy the pictures! It was a beautiful Wednesday morning in the Bay Area.

Shirt- Forever 21 $20
Skirt -Gap $35
Shoes - Rachel Roy $100
Bag - Aldo $50
Ring- TJ Maxx $25