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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pleats and Bows

Pleated skirts are one of my favorite looks! I'm about 5'1 and curvy so it's probably not the most flattering look on me, but I love the way the skirt flows when I walk and the elegance of the skirt. The best way for pleated skirts to work on my body type is to pair it with a medium sized high waist belt. 

How have you worked pleated skirts in your wardrobe?


Skirt: Forever 21 Shirt: Banana Republic Belt: Forever 21 Purse: Kate Spade Heels: Tahari

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quarterly Business Review + Peplum

Working in Corporate American I find myself trying to figure out the best outfit to wear to work.  Still needs to be fashionable and work appropriate.  I'd looooove to wear my skinny pants with my denim shirt.  Yesterday I found this amazing cobalt blue peplum to at forever 21.

Grey is a great suit for every corporate woman to own.  This suite I have pants to go with the jacket.  I always keep it clean and ready to go at any moment.  Just in case any executive comes in town...hello grey suit!

The blue goes perfect with my nude shoes and grey tones.  Hope you like the look!


laurence dacade

This weekend I bought the most wonderful pair of boots for the fall.  A quick trip to walgreens turned into a trip to my favorite consignment shop in San Francisco.  These books are amazing.  The second I saw them in the window, I knew they belonged in my closet.  When I asked the lady to take the shoes off the shelf, which were lightly worn, the touch of the leather made me melt.  As soon as I realized they fit like a glove...they were purchased.  And that's how I became a proud owner of Laurence Dacade...

Laurence Dacade is a French shoe designer working in Paris.  Laurence Decade designed shoes for Givenchy for 5 years and moved than to Chanel. Today she is also designing under her own label, which she founded in 2003.

Here are the shoes I purchased.  Already paired them with the perfect outfit.  Can't wait to show you more.  A few more boots from here collection.  Enjoy!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Polo Matches in Wine Country

This afternoon my girlfriends and I went to Santa Rosa to enjoy our first Polo Match.  It was beautiful outside and it's always fun to wear a beautiful dress and sun hat. This little gem of a dress was purchased from Betsy Johnson.  The colors are beautiful! I decided to pair them with yellow ankle heels.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vegan Leather

So excited about fall fashion! Leather, and tweed and oxblood red, oh my! This little outfit was worn out Friday night.  It was a dual night.  Meet up with some friends to have margaritas and then headed downtown to a club.  Tight mini skirts and low shirts are not my style, so I like to incorporate leather and fitted pants to help the "hot" appeal of the outfit.

This leather peplum shirt could be my favorite new piece.  The leather is vegan leather...talk about an oxymoron! Thank you urban outfitters for being politically correct.  The pants are front H&M.  I had to do some tailoring to the pants prior to wearing them out.  Took me approximately 5 minutes to fix. 

Enjoy the pic! Xo

Game Changer

There are times in life when certain things happen or you make large purchase and you know from that point forward life will be different.  I like to refer to these as GAME CHANGERS :)

This week I purchased a "real" camera.  The Canon Rebel t3i.  I'm obsessed.  It's the same feeling I have when I buy a pair of designer shoes and I can't wait to wear them out!

Here's one of my first picture with my new toy.  I'm slowly learning to be in front of the camera more.  Looking forward to many adventures.  I think I'll name her Coco.  After one of my favorite designers.