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Monday, December 17, 2012

Parisian in San Francisco



Sweater- J.Crew, Collar Shirt- Banana Republic, Pants - H&M (last season), Shoes- boutique9, Clutch- Found in a boutique in NY, Gloves- Banana Republic, Necklace- gift from bestie

Last year I took my first trip to Paris.  I fell in love the second I walked off the plan and saw the beautiful French stewardess with scarfs around their neck. As I spent the next few days enjoying  wine and baguettes in the streets of Paris.  The fashion is the best in the world.  The Prada bags, beautiful leather boots and berets.  Since my trip, I keep their sense of fashion at the center of my fashion heart & soul. This shirt says it all.  The beautiful French woman, with matching hat and coat and colorful accessories. I tried to replicate the colors.  Looking forward to a very colorful winter and spring! 


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    1. Thanks Tony! It's one of my favorite. Those Parisians...no one knows fashion better than them!


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