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Thursday, July 12, 2012


There's something so inviting to the new capped toe heel. Maybe it's the fact that we've been looking at black and pink patent pumps for the last twenty years and someone has finally put a new spin on the classic pump.  From the second I saw my first pair of capped toe heels at Zara, I was hooked!

In the corporate world, I'm surrounded with stale blue oxfords, khaki slacks and black Calvin Klein suits.  The capped toe heel is a perfect way for any Corporate Fashionista to spice up her outfit and have all the other girls lusting.  Take a dip in the latest fashion trend, you won't be disappointed!

Stuart Weitzman shoes are my favorite.

Chanel cap toe heels (a splurge) but so beautiful!

Perfect starter pair.  Only $22! Metallic cap toe pumps (see here)

Great accent piece with black jeans/pants. 
A little pop with a elegant dress.

Stuart Weitzman mettalica cap toe heels.


  1. I LOVE the Michael Kors flats...I hear my wallet calling.

  2. The ones with the black jeans are the best.... except for Christian's of course.


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