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Thursday, April 18, 2013

ombre hair

Top: Jailbird peplum by olivia j, Skirt: The Limited, Shoes: Clear Heels,

For several years I've been taking a survey on "Should I highlight my hair".  After several failed attempts (because my friends are so kind).  I decided that my hair was "fine" dark brown.  It wasn't until my trip to DryBar...I met LeAnne.  She was listening in on a conversation I was having with my girlfriend who also was getting a blow out.  We were talking about ombre hair and if it was still in style.  My stylist confirmed ombre hair is still in style and people are still getting it done! Woooo Hooo! After 3 weeks later I made an appointment and BAM! I have color in my hair.  My mom and friends are delighted.  I didn't add a lot of color, because it was the first time I've colored my hair in 15 years, so I opted for a small change.  LeAnne did a great job with the cut and color! 

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