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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Women's Suit Alternative to the Office

Women's Suits
Women's Suits
Women's Suits
Women's Suits
Women's Suits

With so many retailers catering to women in the corporate world, wearing a suit to the office is not your only option. I wear a classic suit to the office once a month…at the most. My curves and my height do not compliment a suit or should I say a suit does not compliment my curves and height. However, I do mix and match pieces from my suit collection. For example, I love my suit jacket with a peplum top or pencil skirt with a belted sweater. My exception to the rule is when I’m doing a presentation to C-level Executives. In those meetings, I wear a suit. When presenting, you want to focus on the content of the meeting, not your cutest outfit. At times, your outfit can be distracting to your audience during a presentation.
Today’s outfit I’ve worn to several meetings over the last couple weeks. This is the closest you’ll get to wearing a suit to the office and not sacrifice comfort and style. You still look profession and put together. Try and stay away from cotton button up shirts. Polyester blouses are better suited for women, especially if you have curves. Throw on your favorite cardigan and fitted pair of trousers and you're ready to dominate the office. Make sure your pants don’t drag when wearing heels or flats. It’s okay if you roll up your pants on the way to the office, but when you show up to the office switch to your heels, unroll your pants and make sure they are a half inch off the ground. If they are too long take them to a tailor or try and learn to hem pants yourself (it’s super easy).  Since I’m a “shorty” I purchase cropped pants and I never have to worry about having to hem my pants.

I really think you can lose your own style when you wearing a suit to the office on a daily basis. All the men I work with wear suits and ties to the office and they look sharp and professional. But isn't it great that we have the luxury of wearing other alternatives to the classic suits…so take advantage of this at the office!

Blouse :: Express
Cardigan :: TJ Maxx (similar LOFT Jacket) 
Trousers :: Zara old (similar here
Heels :: Kurt Geiger
Bag :: Fendi
Watch :: Michael Kors
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