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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sticky Buns in Chinatown

The best part of living in a big city is that you always feel like a tourist.  I spend most of my time in a few areas in San Francisco, but this weekend I ventured to one of my favorite places, Chinatown.  After living here for a few years and several yelp reviews, I've discovered that the best of the best live in Chinatown! ...my dry cleaners, seamstress, shoe repair and dim sum! This weekend I discovered 68 cent sticky pork buns! Life is good.

This weekend I took it casual and wore my favorite denim shirt and red jeans. The sperrys also joined the excitement with all the walking involved in my weekend tour.  Just hired my  photographer, I think I can negotiate his salary with dim sum...I'll let you know how it goes.

Shirt: Gap, Pants: Forever 21, Bag: Coach, Glasses: Chanel, Shoes: Sperrys
Chinatown graffiti

Buns and Buns and Buns! 

Polk Street Festival


Sangaria at Lalola's with my photographer! 


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    1. You are too sweet! Love your blog as well. You have to show how you get such perfect eyebrows! xo

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