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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

red lips & gold chains


Top: Zara//Sweater: TJ Maxx// Moto Jacket: Nordys//Skirt: Zara// Fox necklace: Nordys// Heels: Zara// Bag: TJ Maxx

I'm sure most of us ladies are familiar with the "cold offices". A sweater is always a good idea when you work in an office. An easy way to change an outfit from day to night is adding leather and more gold. The long pencil skirt is a great transition piece.  This outfit could also be word with flats during the day and dressing it up with heels at night.

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  1. Ciao/Hello there...this's a Fabolous Outfit!
    xo from Italy

  2. That skirt - so good and you wear it well. Red is def your color. Love your necklace too. :)

    Merch Maven


Thank you for your comments! Olivia