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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

shoe swap!

Top: Express, Pants: Zara, Flats: Vince Camuto, Heels: Zara, Zebra bracelet: Target

After moving to New York and having a 3 minute walk to work, I was convinced that I'd be able to walk in my heels to the office.  However, I quickly realized that a pair of flats can get me to work faster AND they save my nice heels from the concrete and dirt in the city.  Very few woman walk to work in heels.  Most are wearing flip flops or a cute pair of sandals.  A good friend told me, you'll quickly become a bag lady in New York.  You'll need your purse and then an extra bag for everything else (extra pair of shoes, umbrella, makeup, water, etc).

I also wanted to bring an element of reality to blogging.  Typically when Matt and I take photos for my blog, I bring a pair of flats.  In most blogs the outfit seems so effortless, I beg to differ...at some point a pair of shoes were swapped out! 

I found this great pair of Vince Camuto slippers at Nordstoms, they work great to walk to work.  They are very professional and super comfy! 

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