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Friday, March 11, 2016

Beauty | SASSOON Hair Revival

Black and white stripes_Ann Taylor Skirt_7

For anyone who's been following my blog the last few years has witnessed my hair change from good, bad to indifferent. I'll be the first to admit that I've had some interesting phases in my hair journey. Check out this post from September 2013, when I first colored my hair. After having long brown hair for my entire life, I decided I needed a change. Something to brighten up my look. Over the last three years, I'v enjoyed trying out trends like ombre, biolage and normal highlights.

As you know, constant coloring takes a toll on your hair and can leave your hair with dull and sometimes "flat". I was thrilled when the SASSOON team reached out to partner on a hair revival for 2016!

I headed to the New York Downtown SASSOON Salon location for my first appointment with Creative Director, Michael Forrey. When I met Michael and his team, we sat down and talked about my hair - my previous experiences, my goals and the current products I use. My number one goals was to restore my long locks, so Michael recommended the Instant Fusio Dose Treatment By Kerastase. As a longtime customer of Kerastase, I was happy to try out the treatment.  The treatment boosts the vibrancy of your hair color and prevents future damage by soothing and strengthing each strand. This treatment, along with regular trims will get me back on track to healthier hair.

In between appointments I also use the K√ČRASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME MASQUE. Here's a post from a few years ago that shows a before and after of my hair using the masque. For anyone wanting to know about my daily hair routine, check it out here...along with a throwback video. Not much has changed with my hair routine, I still use the same products and same system.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Black and white stripes_Ann Taylor Skirt_4
Black and white stripes_Ann Taylor Skirt_1
Black and white stripes_Ann Taylor Skirt_2
Black and white stripes_Ann Taylor Skirt_3

Black and white stripes_Ann Taylor Skirt_6

Black and white stripes_Ann Taylor Skirt_5

H&M Top old (similar here & here)
Dvf Heels (similar here & here)
Zara Clutch old

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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